Bisexual Chandelure

i'm bisexual, and very nice
i love pokemon: Chandelure, Krookodile, Hydriegon, Florges, Trevenant, whimsicott and about any grass, ghost, dark, or fairy type

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But it’s best to finish as it started
With my face head down just staring at the brown formica
It’s safer not to look around
I can’t hide my feelings from you now
There’s too much love to go around these days

You say I’ve got another face
That’s not a fault of mine these days
I’m honest, brutal and afraid of you



why can’t my makeup look this hella when i have school???


lookin good nora ;D



DJ-lution Dance Party

Thanks for linking PeekingBoo! Look at those Eeveelutions go!


#478 Froslass - A female-only species, she evolves from a female Snorunt when exposed to a Dawn Stone. Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass. It freezes its opponents to temperatures nearly minus sixty degrees. Froslass are said to then secretly put the frozen corpses of their victims on display. Its kimono-like body is actually hollow.


★ Shiny Kyurem & Shiny Black/White Kyurem

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★ Shiny Hoenn Starter Pokémon

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Pokémon – Old Gateau

Difficulty: 1 Heart

With the return of Gourmet Gaming, I felt a return to the classics (in terms of both food and games) as a gentle ease in would be best. Pokémon recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to ‘Twitch Plays Pokémon’ where gamers set aside their differences and took part in some (mostly) jolly co-operation in a bid to become Pokémon master. When it came to the Old Gateau, I decided to base the recipe on the traditional Japanese treat of Uirō, which is rather similar to Mochi in texture and taste. I decided only a sweet from the Edo period could have survived so long in the Old Chateau. I like to think maybe it’s the final tasty evolution of a Gengar…

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I have a feeling you might
Feeling you might

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
With dirty fingers
We’ll bury the lie

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
We’ll bury the lie
Bury the lie


Art by 蟹公


Good day to you, enjoy!


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